Dishmatic and Ecoforce review

I was sent a selection of Dishmatic and Ecoforce products to review. I received:

  • Ecoforce washing line
  • Ecoforce clothes pegs
  • Ecoforce quilted multipurpose cloths
  • Ecoforce non-scratch pads
  • Ecoforce kitchen scourer pads
  • Dishmatic device (a refillable washing tool – my favourite product!)
  • Ecoforce dusters
I haven’t used the washing line yet. I have nowhere to tie it at the moment and I haven’t had the time to replace it with the one I already have.

The rest of the products I have tested and have done the intended job well.

My favourite is the Dishmatic device. This is fantastic and makes dish-washing easy! You also only use a little washing-up liquid each time so the liquid inside the device lasts a long time. I have used this quite a lot on the things that I can’t stick in the dishwasher and it is fantastic! The fact that you just replace the sponges and not the whole unit makes me really happy! I believe there is a non-scratch pad for the device too so I will have to invest in some of those!


Dishmatic, dishwashing, dishes, washing up



The pegs are currently being used for resealing bags of frozen food. There are no metal parts so these are ideal! Plus it has not been the weather for sticking laundry on the line.

Ecoforce recycled pegs, ecoforce, laundry

Ecoforce recycled pegs

This Ecoforce range is fantastic. The fact that the products are made from at least 90% recycled waste pleases me. I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I will certainly look out in my local stores for replacements!

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