Cutey charm bracelets review

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Cutey Charm Bracelet

I am on a mission. To become a bit more..feminine? It is a challenge that I haven’t really started yet but one day I will.

When I noticed these little beauties up for review, I had to put my name down.

These are lovely little charm bracelets from cutey. My pictures didn’t really do them justice. I received two bracelets for the purpose of the review, the one above which is Aether and also the Oizys charm bracelet. They are so sweet and fit perfectly round my wrist. They can come in two lengths so that is great. I may be a bit overweight but my wrists and on the small side.  The charms are very pretty. The combination of colour with the silver charms makes it very pretty indeed.

Receiving these makes me want to start the journey now but what with everything going on with the house and other things, I can’t afford to do so just yet. I need renovating, just like the house!

I love these charm bracelets. They are very pretty and great to wear. I just need to get some clothes that goes with them and then I am sorted!

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