CBeebies The Album Review

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CBeebies The Album

We received a copy of the new CBeebies The Album to review.

As you can gather from previous blog posts, Miss A is CBeebies mad! So receiving this album made her quite happy! She absolutely loves it! I love it too! The songs on CBeebies keep changing so it is nice to now have some of the current songs to keep! I do miss the songs that were playing when Miss A was younger. I miss the old bedtime song.

Cbeebies The Album is fantastic and any CBeebies fan would love it.

However it is slightly out of date as there is now a new Justin’s House song..now Dee has left! It is making me sing the old song when the new song is played on CBeebies! I get laughed at by my fiance! But still it is nice for us to be reminded that Dee did star in the first series. I still don’t know where she went to. She is missed by us!

This is a two disc album with a total of 50 songs. Plenty of songs to keep your little one entertained and dancing!

What is rather scary is that just as the Something Special song started, within seconds and before the song properly played, Miss A knew what it was. Same with the Tree Fu Tom song as well. She certainly is a CBeebies addict!

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