Been rather busy!

There has been so much going on in my life, I have had to have a break from properly blogging and only doing things, like reviews that are outstanding, that I have to do. But hopefully, with things sorting themselves out slowly but surely. I will have time to fit in the things I like doing. Blogging being one of then!

We are in the middle of renovating the living room. I have spent a good few hours yesterday and today sweeping, hoovering and washing the floorboards. The carpet is outside ready to be skipped! We have only got the carpet in the dining room and hallway/landing left that was existing! This makes me very happy! I posted a picture on Instagram of how the living room looked last week while my fiance was extending the fire place. It looks a little better than that now! All the floorboards are back down and we are almost ready to put the flooring down!

I can’t wait to have a proper living room. We will have to wait until next year until we have a wood burner. I have got my heart set on a Charnwood C-Four. Due to Christmas and birthdays coming up and general expenses, I don’t know when we are able to buy that..hopefully soon and before winter next year!

I have been referred to the infertility clinic. I have a couple of ultrasounds on Monday 19th November. They have already done a blood test. So I have started the next stage in the journey of trying to conceive my second child. Didn’t want to but hey ho!

Miss A is growing up and speaking more and more. I can have a proper conversation with her now. She is behaving better too, not that she was very naughty..just a little devil sometimes! She is usually very lovely!

It is good to be back!

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