Warburtons Baked Naan Chips review

We were sent three types of Warburtons Baked Naan Chips to review, Creamy Korma (mild), Classic Tikka (medium) and Fiery Madras (hot). We were also sent a pack of the Original BBQ Pitta Chips.

I didn’t try the Fiery Madras as I have gallstones and spicy food aggravates it so my fiancé had them. He said they were nice but wasn’t as spicy as he wanted. I think that was the case for all three flavours unfortunately. The varieties I tried were nice but I really wanted them to have more flavour. I feel that Warburtons were being too careful when making these. More flavour would be great. You only get a hint of flavour which is slightly disappointing. Maybe I am too used to flavoursome things but my fiancé thought the same.

A bit about Warburtons Baked Naan Chips:

Made from a unique naan bread recipe, the snacks are inspired by iconic British-Indian dishes and come in three great flavours – Creamy Korma (mild), Classic Tikka (medium) and Fiery Madras (hot), to suit the tastes of all your friends and family.

They come in 150g bags and have a RSP of £1.79.

The BBQ variety went down well with guests that we had at the time. I tried one and I liked them too. My favourite was the Creamy Korma. I love Korma. I think this is the variety that I will buy again.

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