Tots100 and Home Decor challenge – Bathroom!

Well as most of you know, we are renovating our house and it has so far taken us four years to do a third of the house. I am getting used to living in a construction site but it’s not fun at all. I dream for our house to be finished (and the garden) but that isn’t a dream that is to come true anytime soon. So when I heard about this challenge, the Tots100 and Home Decor  Challenge, I had to enter. I would be silly not to. The bathroom is the last room to get done, and this saddens me a bit as I would love to have a nice bathroom to have a nice relaxing bath.

So I have set up two Pinterest boards. The first being a bathroom that I would LOVE to have but it is not practical. I love Hello Kitty but obviously we won’t ever be able to sell the house with this installed. Plus I think my fiance would have something to say about it! So here is the Pinterest board with Hello Kitty ideas.

Now, enough of that silliness. I really want a bigger bathroom but hey ho! This is my Pinterest board for my dream bathroom! painting and decorating



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