thisisnessie Christmas Postcards review

I was sent a pack of personalised Christmas Postcards that have Miss A’s name on them. They are absolutely beautiful. A simple design but works very well in making the people receiving the postcard feel special. As you can see from the picture, we got the reindeer ones., thisisnessie, christmas card, postcard, reindeer

thisisnessie Reindeer postcard.

Note: There is not a black patch on the card. As I try not to put my daughter’s name on my blog I have had to block it out on the card. But the writing is the same as ‘Love From’

If you go to then you will see a huge range of cards and more. You don’t have to have them personalised but with Miss A’s name being so rare in terms of personalised goods, these were certainly well received. I will have to keep one for myself as they are so cute! I hope that not many family members read this as they will be getting one of these nearer to Christmas!

These lovely postcards are £7.50 for a pack of 10, I think are reasonably priced. The quality of them is reasonably good. You can write on the front and back if you like so the child or person can write a letter on them or even a drawing! The envelopes are nice and thick too.

I like the fact that the pack has this piece of paper to say that you are running out of cards!, thisisnessie, last card reminder

thisisnessie note!


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