Roaring Raa Raa the Noisy Lion review

We were sent a Roaring Raa Raa the Noisy Lion to review.

Miss A loves Raa Raa so this was a nice addition to her toys. Although she still cannot push it down, she loves us pushing it down and hearing what he has to say. I personally love Roaring Raa Raa too. He is totally ‘roarsome’!

The Roaring Raa Raa has a few phrases and tells you to hold him down for a set amount of time and if you don’t do that he tells you! I love his little wiggle when he

Roaring Raa Raa has joined Miss A’s collection of toys on her bed, even though his body isn’t exactly nice and soft to cuddle, his head is and Miss A loves him. Look at this picture of Miss A asleep with Raa Raa!

Roaring Raa Raa, Tomy, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Jingly Jangly Jungle

Miss A and Roaring Raa Raa

The only thing that I would change about Roaring Raa Raa is to make it easier for a child to push down. But then it gives us the opportunity to play with Miss A and for her to come to us if she wants Raa Raa to roar.

I would certainly recommend this if your child loves Raa Raa. Miss A has loved playing with him so far!

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