One more month to go – TTC

I have one more month to go before I go back to the doctors to find out whether there is a medical reason why I can’t get pregnant. It has been 11 months now of trying.

I have tried everything suggested to me and nothing has worked. I am not letting this issue get me down any more. What will be will be. It is quite annoying though because we want Miss A to have a brother or sister and obviously we want another child.

There has been a lot of stress in the past few months, this could be part of it. The stress has eased now. Still a bit there but I have learnt to deal with things a bit better. I have had to! Ideally I really wish that we are successful this month, I don’t want to go to the doctors! The only time I want to go to the doctors or hospital is for my pregnancy check-ups!

At the end of the day I have Miss A and if she is the only child we are to have then that is the way it is. Hopefully this is not the case. But if it is then I am the luckiest person in the world as she is fantastic. I know I am biased but to me she is fantastic!

Love Miss A very much.




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