My favourite family picture

I know I have included this picture on my blog before but this picture means so much to me. It is a picture of Miss A and her Daddy on her first Christmas. It was taken at my parents house, which also means a lot to me with my family living so far away. My fiance, Miss A’s Daddy, has a lot of love for our daughter and our daughter has a lot of love for her Daddy! He works so hard and works long hours but to come home to Miss A getting all excited to see him must make his time at work worthwhile. He is fantastic with Miss A. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

This picture shows the love they have for one another. Look how my fiance is cuddling Miss A. Look at his face..and Miss A’s! The first thing that my fiance does every time he walks through the door is give Miss A a cuddle.

This photo means a lot to me as it was taken at my parents house. Even though I was the one that moved away, I have a lot of love for my parents. It has been so hard living away from them. So it is nice that my favourite picture was taken at their house!

I sometimes feel like I have made the wrong decision moving to Preston but then I look at what I have got and I realise that it isn’t bad after all!

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby


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