Home renovation: And it starts again!

After months of not doing much to the house. We are going to get the living room done.

So this weekend we are getting a few quotes for raising the lintel of the fireplace. Next year we are hopefully going to have a multi-fuel stove fitted. So as well as getting the lintel raised, we will soon have skirting board fitted! Finally! Miss A has a habit of posting her toys in the gaps. We have found so many things down in the crawl space!

Then there is the job of furnishing it..and getting a new sofa! I am looking forward to getting the work done and being able to enjoy spending time in the living room. At the moment we have bare plaster, old carpet, no skirting board and now a big hole in the chimney breast! Hopefully this time next year we will be sitting on our new sofa, keeping warm with our new fire! That would be a dream come true! It has been over four years that we moved in and it was a ‘construction site’ from day one as we needed the damp proofing done (apparently!!)

We have got so much more than the living room to do. But this is the key area. We need a room to relax and enjoy family life in. We bought this house for the location. The location is perfect for us.

This picture was taken when the damp proofing was being done before we moved in…the archway has been blocked up and the sloped wall has been removed and a straight one has replaced it! There is plaster on the walls now and the stonework has gone.

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We have so much to do but we have had a child in between!

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