Fairy Tower Dolls House review

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Fairy Tower Dolls House

We received a Fairy Tower for review.

This lovely Fairy tower is absolutely beautiful. It did take some time in constructing but we now have a lovely Fairy tower that Miss A can enjoy. Miss A loves this toy. She can spend hours putting all of her toys in the various places. There are two beds that are like secret compartments where she can put her toys to bed in. This pleases her a lot! She loves the table and chairs and the tea set that comes with it. She loves the gate that opens and closes.

One thing I would say, there are no fairies that come with this. We used other toys, but if a child doesn’t have any toys that fit, I can see this being a problem, especially when the box shows the fairies (but it does say that they are to buy separately). I will probably get her some of the toys for Christmas. But maybe they could of included one toy to save on any upsets!

The Fairy Tower is well made and will last a long time. I can see Miss A playing with this for a few years yet! I think that the Fairy Tower is good. It helps with the child’s imagination and it helps them to interact with their parents or another child. I love playing with Miss A and the Fairy Tower!

To find out more about the Fairy Tower and to see other dolls houses then visit https://www.dollshouses.co.uk

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