Cloudbabies Glow Baba Blue review

Miss A loves all things CBeebies so when I was asked to review a Cloudbabies Glow Baba Blue, I certainly said yes!

When we first received Baba Blue, Miss A was awfully sad when he sung to her. She wouldn’t let him go either. It was like there was some special bond between the two of them. I tried turning him off but she said “NOOOO!!!”

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Miss A when she first got Baba Blue – Bless!

I was, at the time, about to take Baba Blue away from her and give it to her in a few days time, but I didn’t and now she doesn’t cry at Baba Blue at all. In fact she loves to hear him sing and tells me off for not making him sing when I forget. So glad that I didn’t take Baba Blue away. It doesn’t really calm her down totally as she has a big issue about going to sleep but it certainly helps. She loves him now and he has to go with us when we go away. I love Baba Blue too.

I love the fact that he glows different colours of the rainbow. The glow is nice and bright but peacefully bright. He isn’t too sensitive either meaning that when Miss A is asleep, she doesn’t press his tummy when she rolls over. There is also an on/off switch too. He does only say one thing and it is quite a short phrase but that’s the whole point. He is telling the child to go to sleep. I think he is fantastic!

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