Potty Training: She has done it! First wee on potty!

This morning Miss A said to me over and over again..wee wee!! Let the potty training commence!

So I put her on the potty, she cried a little but she done her first wee on the potty! I won a Pourty potty ages ago and she has now used it for the first time!

I got so emotional I almost cried. So today, after going to see the health visitor for a check-up as she didn’t jump or put wooden puzzle pieces back in place when she had her two year check, I am off to let her choose some knickers and get a reward chart and stickers and lots of little treats for her when she goes to the toilet on the potty or toilet. Oh and some disposable bed sheets etc. Then tomorrow and for a good few days I will be indoors seeing if she is ready to be fully potty trained.

At two and a half years old, I am so pleased that she is finally showing signs of wanting to use the potty. It seems ages ago that I had a conversation with people on Twitter about potty training. I am so pleased and she got so happy when I praised her.

Send me your potty training tips please…I need them!

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