Miss A talk: The one about the Hairy Bikers

Miss A has really just started to form proper sentences. She has gone from one extreme (of not saying much) to another (to chatting all the time!) She has said so many funny things recently so I think I will have to share a few! I really do have to write them down as she says them as she has had me in tears with laughing so much!

“Calpol! Oh yes! Calpol is my favourite!” – now this makes me a little concerned!

“Look Mummy…Hairy Bikers!” – when we were in Home Bargains, she spotted a man with long grey hair, I had to go quickly as he would of definitely heard it and I was going red!

“Mummy! I have got something for you!”  – when she has really got something for her and she wants me to open it!

“Look at this mess Mummy!” – when she made the mess minutes before!

At the moment everything has got a spider in it, when she has a drink in a proper cup, there is always a spider in it, when there isn’t. Strange girl!

I dread to think what she will say next! I will let you all know!


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