Meal Planning Monday 24th September 2012

Well here is my first Meal Planning Monday. This is a linky that has been started my Mrs M. I should of started this months ago but never got round to being very planned with meals. I have a very fussy fiance who sometimes doesn’t like to eat something in particular one day but happily have it the next. But from now on, he is going to get what he is given. I am away on Thursday to Sunday so I do have to leave those blank as I am hopefully going to see my family in Essex. That’s when my fiance can eat what he likes as he will be at home. From next week I am going to try and make my meals more adventurous as we do have some boring meals quite often!

I am not so well today so we are having a really easy meal tonight. All of us love it so that’s good!


Vegetarian sausage, chips and beans


Home made mushroom soup


Vegetable Cannelloni

From next week I will be checking out more of the meals that other people are having on the Meal Planning Monday on Mrs M’s blog

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