Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat and Race Launcher review

I was sent a Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat and Race Launcher for Miss A to test and for me to review.

Let’s start with the Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat.

Jungle Junction, Flair, Taxicrab Boat, toys, boat

Jungle Junction Taxicrab Boat

Miss A loved the boat a lot and still plays with it a lot. She hasn’t got much imagination yet so she doesn’t know how to make a game of the boat, like walking the plank and getting the crab to go up in the boat but this is the favourite toy. She sings Row Row Row your Boat when pretending it is on water, so her imagination skills are starting to appear, but in terms of knowing how to play with the toy properly, she isn’t ready yet.

I personally think this is the best toy of the two, it is more sturdy and takes up less space! I think this toy is going to last longer than the Race Launcher as the boat can go on adventures etc!

I do have one issue with the toy, it comes apart easily. The top of the boat has come away from the bottom quite a few times, now I am not sure if this is because of her age and she is still a bit destructive..so maybe when she turns three or a little older, I should review the products again. Apart from the top coming away from the base, this will make the ideal toy for your child.

Now for the Jungle Junction Race Launcher.

Jungle Junction, Race Launcher, Flair, Toys

Jungle Junction Race Launcher

The Jungle Junction Race Launcher was liked by Miss A too. She loved pushing the toys down the slopes! She loves playing with the bell..this toy has made Miss A laugh a lot! Again there are some issues with the toy coming apart. Even while moving the toy, which Miss A did regularly, the toy came apart. I know that the toy needs to be packaged in pieces as it will break, it is just a shame that when put together, it isn’t more sturdy. It did get a little bit of a chore having to put the toy back together every 5 minutes so I have put this toy away until Miss A respects her toys more. As said, she is a bit destructive still!

Would I recommend the products? Well after being sent the products, I found out that the toys are suitable for children over three years, a lot can happen in three years and Miss A could start to become less destructive, and probably listen to me more when I say not to pull her toys apart/leave her toys where they are, so possibly yes! Miss A has had a lot of fun with the toys. If only if they can be a bit more sturdy when built! Then she could play with them more now but it is just getting a little bit much trying to build them again and again. I will review the toys when she is three in 5 months time.

I do have my own pictures to add but my camera isn’t accessible at the moment, will update when I can.

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