Cravendale Epic Straws fun! #EpicStraws

Well I was given a challenge and that was to have fun with Cravendale Epic Straws. Well Miss A didn’t know how to put them together as they were a little bit too hard for her to put together so it was down to me. I certainly did have fun! Here are the ‘structures’ that they show you to build:

epic straws, #EpicStraws, Cravendale, straws, milk

Original creation

And here is my invention. Not very good pictures but I couldn’t take the picture of all of it at once. But I hope my next invetion makes up for it!

epic straws, #EpicStraws, Cravendale, milk, straws

My Epic Straws Creation

I felt sorry for Miss A not being involved so I thought I would make her a necklace so she can drink her drink while wearing her straw necklace. She loved it!

Epic Straws, #EpicStraws, Cravendale, milk, straw necklace, necklace, straws

Miss A and her Epic Straws necklace

i have had a lot of fun with Cravendale Epic Straws. To find out more then please visit as of 24th Spetember!

Note: We received the Epic Straws and vouchers for free bottles of Cravendale Milk to do this blog post.

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