BritMums Prompt: Me Time

Even though Miss A isn’t at school yet, I thought I would get involved in the latest BritMums Blogging Prompt. Me Time.

I don’t have much time for just me. That’s not the way it is when you are a full-time mum to a two and a half year old, is it?! However I do have so much to do, around the house and with me. There are several things I would like to achieve in the next few months.

  • To finally sort out everything in the house and get some order to the place. If that means more storage areas then so be it. I have to declutter a lot more and sort out what is in the loft and crawl space. I can’t see us doing much of the house in the near future so I have to sort out what we have already done and make it more homely.
  • To try and lose some weight..again! I really need to start now as it is getting rather silly. So I need to ditch the junk and take up more exercise.
  • Improve my appearance, need to buy some make up and get some more girly clothes..been meaning to do this for a while now!
  • To make our life more exciting. We do the same thing each week and weekend. It is getting boring. So I am going to start thinking of ways to make our life as a family more exciting.

So there you have it. I have a lot planned. Hope I can achieve everything!

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