Visitors have gone

My mum and dad (step-dad) have spent just under a week at my house. It was fantastic and I appreciate them visiting. It was lovely to see them.

Now I feel very sad. After eight years of living in Preston, I would of thought I would be used to it. I think it is because they left me when I normally leave them and often travel on my own with Miss A so get to see my fiancé when I get home..which means that there is something to look forward to. Miss A was fantastic and didn’t cry. This amazed me because she loves my mum and dad very much.

I have a good time ahead of me, we are going to see In The Night Garden Live and Dora the Explorer Live. That is something to look forward to I guess. But I just can’t lose this feeling of loneliness at the moment. I will be OK later on today I am sure. I will be visiting them again soon I am sure. I have to as I need to see my dad who is still in hospital, I think he is doing well.

I hope that if my parents come again, the house is a lot more finished and decluttered.

I would like to say thank you to my mum and dad for visiting, was lovely to have you here and you are welcome any time. I love you both so much.


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