Suspected IBS

Well today I have had a blood test to see whether there is something wrong other than IBS. I have had tummy issues for a while now and I have the classic symptoms of IBS.

Wasn’t sure whether to put this on my blog but I thought that someone in a similar situation may want to contact me, I have had a couple of people contact me regarding my benign parotid gland tumour surgery and have had people visit my blog  by searching for it. I would rather be open about these things just in case I can be of help to anyone. I care about people.

I get the results on Friday. They are testing for the usual things like cancer, glucose, coeliac disease and a few other things that I can’t remember. I must say I am impressed with my lovely daughter! She was amazing when I was having it done! She just sat there and watched while playing with her Lego! She loves her Lego now…this makes me happy! I treated her to a gingerbread man (which we shared with Tyson as he has been to the vets today..for his annual boosters. He was a good boy too!)

I am not worried about this issue as the doctor couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary when he checked me last week. Plus as said I do have the classic symptoms of IBS. Plus the Fybogel mebeverine is working. I am getting to like the taste of it so that is a very big plus.


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