Home renovation needs to start again.

My lovely hard working fiance has had so much to do the home has been neglected. However I am getting rather sick of the house not being finished. I want to invite people round and be proud of my home. There is so much to do. Finances are a little bit tight at the moment so we can’t do much anyway. There is always other things to buy..it looks like our freezer is about to give up. So that is another thing to buy. My fiance managed to fix the tumble dryer so that’s good (it will break again tomorrow now I have mentioned it!!)

We have been here for three years and it has been such a challenge and my fiance has done so well so far. Amazingly well. I don’t want him to be busy doing DIY when he gets home from work or during the weekend, I want him to relax and spend time with us. I wish I could do even half of what he does. The garden also needs doing as well. And we need to properly furnish the place. We have lots of mixed furniture and no sets of things, even the dining chairs don’t match!

I am not completely bothered about the house but it would be nice to get the house finished so that we can enjoy our time together as a family. It really does get to me when my fiance has to finish work, eat his dinner and then start work on the house for the few hours before Miss A goes to bed. Anyone got a magic wand so I can get this house sorted in a second rather than another five plus years? And then there is the garden. Oh I would love Miss A to be able to play in the garden but we need half of a concrete driveway removing first and the whole garden landscaped. Could cry!

Well, at least it is nothing like this..this was Miss A’s room when we were dismantling walls. This was taken by me standing on the stairs!

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Miss A’s bedroom with no walls or ceiling!

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