Here come the tantrums!

I thought we were very lucky with Miss A. She rarely had tantrums in the first half of her third year but now she is two and a half, well she is a little madam! She never used to listen to a word I said, that is getting better but when you tell her to do something that she doesn’t want to do she says “No, I don’t like it!” At least she is being truthful I suppose. When we try and make her do the thing she doesn’t want to do or if we take something off her (after asking her to give it to us several times before) she goes into a full tantrum.

Normally tantrums happen at night time, and normally when Daddy tells her not to do something. I think Miss A loves her Daddy so much she gets a bit upset when he tells her not to do something. The trouble is, I find it a bit funny and find it very hard not to laugh. I am sure in time it will get boring and quite frustrating but at the moment, the way she behaves when having a tantrum is quite comical!

Normally Miss A is such a good girl. A very loving girl. These episodes are at the moment a rarity but are increasing each week! Bless her!

crying toddler, tantrum, toddler tantrum

Miss A having a tantrum while out on a bike ride a month or two ago…when they were rare!

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  1. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    Don’t worry too much about the tantrums. Know that they will pass. Brodie used to punch us, with pure hatred in his eyes. Screaming and kicking so you could hear him streets away. Now he’s six and the most easygoing and loving boy. He gets frustrated at times, and I can see he’s not sure what to do with those feelings. But a hug and a few tears later, he’s fine. I’m not saying all kids will be like him. But the Terrible Twos are called that for a reason. Because they don’t often go into the Threes or the Fours. Miss A will be a different person by then.

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