We have a sleep issue

Miss A is starting to have a bit of a sleep issue. She simply doesn’t want to go to sleep For a week now it was the night time that was the problem but now it is the nap time. She simply takes forever to go to sleep. When I say forever, it can be a few hours.

I don’t know what has caused this but it is quite annoying. Maybe she needs something to calm her or something to tell her to go to sleep. She does have her mobile but that doesn’t do anything these days. I try not to get frustrated but it is quite annoying as I can’t get things done or have a nap. I am having to wake up early recently and am being woken up with very bad trapped wind so I would love to go to bed early but can’t!

I really do hope that this issue is temporary. Miss A used to have reflux which mean’t that she didn’t sleep well at all. She then started to go to bed fantastically well and sleep for most of the night but now she is having trouble settling.

Any help or advice would be great!

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Miss A sound asleep!


  1. The Fool says:

    What sort of bedtime routine do you have. For us every evening we do bath, then up to the bedroom for a bottle of milk and then bed. Same every day and make sure once in the bedroom she doesnt come out.
    But sometimes they just go through phases where they don’t fall asleep easily. Matilda is the same and will sometimes take hours to fall asleep. I think it’s often in periods where they are growing or developing. You just have to persevere, keep your routine and stay calm.
    Hope it helps, I think if you stay consistent and with a good routine it will come back so don’t lose faith 🙂
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