Rant: Tory suggesting cuts to elderly and Sure Start benefits.

This morning, I read an article where the Tory MP Nick Boles is recommending that the winter fuel allowance and free bus passes for the elderly are scrapped. He is also recommending reducing the Sure Start money as well. Now before you continue to read this, this in my own personal opinion. I am not really in the know about politics and government money but when I heard about this, I had so many worries about this potentially happening.

I have a lot of love for the elderly so maybe my views are biased. I do have older parents and I saw a lot go on with my grandparents. I am really worried about the suggested cuts to benefits for the elderly. I live on an estate that have a lot of elderly people who rely on a bus service. Without it, they simply wouldn’t be able to travel. They only have their pension to live on and that is not a lot. If they lose the free bus pass, then there could be allsorts of things happen. They will probably become housebound, they won’t be able to afford to go out. Bus prices are increasing every year, sometimes twice a year. The bus company that serves this area has increased the price by 25p..that stops me from using them as much as I did and I now walk. Why can’t they walk you may say? Well there is one big hill splitting us from the centre of Preston. I get out of breath walking up it, I think it would be impossible for many older people!

I have a very big worry. If the elderly people cannot get out an about then they are at risk of becoming ill. They could even stop going to doctors, hospital or anywhere else they need to go to get better if they have something wrong with them, costing the government more money!

There is also talks of scrapping the winter fuel allowance. I have heard of so many people that cannot afford to turn on their heating. In the north-west it is generally colder than the south. My parents are from Essex and when I was living there we never got the winters Preston has. Preston gets very cold. And if people can’t get warm, they can become ill.

I haven’t had much to do with Sure Start but hearing about the suggestion of taking money away from children that need it really does break my heart. I hope I never get in a sitation that I can’t care for my daughter. If I do, by the sounds of it, I won’t get the help anyway.

Surely there are other areas that they can claw back the money? Why target the people that need help?

I know the report says for affluent elderly people but to be honest the government didn’t do too well when they cut the child tax credits. Again this is my personal opinion. I lost out as my fiance earns over the maximum. I am not saying that we deserved to keep getting the benefit but it certainly did help us out. I know it is something that shouldn’t be considered, but when you are having to completely renovate your home (yourself as you can’t afford to get contractors in) and you are living away from family, OK it is our fault but that’s the way our life has turned out. We are also on one income (it wasn’t financially worthwhile for me to stay at work as my earnings couldn’t cover the costly childcare charges), I do miss that extra little bit of money. Most of our money seems to go on bills (most of it) and the house.

I wonder what the rules are and what the cut-off amount is. I wonder whether they have considered the cost of nursing home care etc that the elderly in question may need in the future.

Really does make me very sad.

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