On a journey to be more healthy

I am starting, again, to be more healthy. I actually started this on Sunday and so far it is kind of working. I have lost 4lb already! Losing weight is a big challenge for me.

I am cutting out the junk that I eat and I am trying to do more exercise. The exercise part is slipping but that’s because I have had a headache and tiredness for three days now.

I have put on 10lb on since losing almost two and a bit stone which isn’t good. So now I am trying again. I am also thinking about my looks as well. I need to start looking after myself in that area too. So I am going to get my eyebrows shaped and hair cut, hopefully next month. I doubt I will ever become a ‘yummy mummy’. The thought of that makes me laugh out loud! But I can certainly improve on what I have.

I feel pretty determined to succeed this time, I have to succeed. I need to know that it isn’t my weight that is stopping me conceive my second child. I will also be able to do more things with Miss A, which is a good enough reason on it’s own. Plus I will be able to fit in more nicer clothes..and look better in them. So there are all pluses and no negatives to me losing weight and to become more healthy.

I have started up a Facebook Group for bloggers that would like to be healthy. I have met (virtually) some wonderful bloggers and hopefully this group will help us all become the healthy bloggers that we deserve. So if you are a blogger and you want to be healthy, then email me/tweet me and I will send you the link to the group.

If you are not a blogger, then feel free to make contact and I shall try and find the support you want.

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