Marriage has been a big thing for me recently. I have been with my fiance for eight years now. I have been engaged to him for six. Since then, a lot has happened. Too much. Some good, some not so. The best thing that has happened to us was our daughter. Even though we are unsuccessfully trying for another child, and it gets me down, I am still very very happy that she is in our life. She is a lovely girl and even if I can’t have another child for whatever reason, she will more than do! Anyway, I want to get married. I don’t want a big event, I just want a simple ceremony with maybe a meal out. Pizza Express comes to mind! Now that would make my day! Love Pizza Express!

There are a few things stopping us. One BIG thing is all the family is spread about. We obviously can’t pay for them to come here or pay for their accommodation but hopefully if they want to be at our wedding, they would be willing to pay for that. Then there is the cost of the wedding and the food. Time to start saving up I guess…oh wait we have the living room to save up for. That’s another thing, there is always something else to save up for.

I lost my engagement ring last year, this broke my heart. Have no idea where it went, I know that since I lost some weight I have smaller fingers so it was quite lose. I think about that ring every week – I know it is just a ring and I do have a special ring to put in it’s place (a ring that my step nan bought me, an amazing lady that I miss very much even though it has been years since she died) I really could do with it back!

Sorry just feeling a bit deflated today, not sure why.


  1. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    I talked to you on Twitter about this a while ago. And I suppose the only thing I can say is to remember a wedding is about you and your guy. The people you love will be there – if they know how important this is to you.
    You mentioned your Dad’s not well. I’d concentrate on him and getting him there.
    Apart from that, you can do a wedding on any budget – and how you want it.
    Don’t be down love. So many women are still looking for their soulmate, or trying to have a baby. You have them.
    And you will have so much more. I’m a big believer that good things happen to good people.

    • kelly says:

      Thanks and yes you did, it has just been in my mind again. My dad is a lot better although not 100% I think I do need to concentrate on him and him only (as well as us three)!

      That is very kind of you! I am a lot better now, just was getting frustrated! I am very lucky to have what I have xxx
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