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Last night I went to the Manchester WordPress User Group. It was a challenge getting there. Meeting my fiance in the town that he works (a train ride away) and not having Miss A in her pushchair was quite an achievement and worked very well. I think Miss A can be without her pushchair now for the majority of the time. She made me very proud.

I was absolutely petrified of going to Manchester on my own. I know I am a 30 year old woman but I haven’t been out on my own for two and a half years! Not in a place like Manchester anyway. However I am so pleased that I went. I learn’t a lot in the two hours that I was there and I now have so much to do. It is a monthly event and is hosted by WordPress co-founder Mike Little. The venue is 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN. The venue was not what I expected but is more than suitable. It was mostly Mike Little talking but you had the opportunity to speak too but not many people did. There were a few people showing what themes/plugins they have built. There are some courses that are being provided, WordPress for beginners, intermediate and developers. The beginners and intermediate courses are £200 each, the developers course cost is TBC.

I met the lovely geekmummy there. Even though we had never met before, we have communicated online, I think I felt better with her being there. Being in a room full of strangers is a little bit scary!

I will be going again next month..hopefully learning more things to improve my blog. Let’s be honest I need all the help I can get! But I do love my blog. It gives me something to do other than be mum!

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