How to make a spider catcher

I found this really good book of helping wildlife in your garden and one of the activities was to make a spider catcher. So last week I made one for Miss A to put in the garden.

To make the spider catcher, you need:

  • Three short sticks
  • One long stick
  • Garden twine

You tie each of the three short sticks to form a triangle and then tie the long stick to the triangle.

I then put it outside where there were signs of spider activity and today there is a tiny spider on it. However the spider hasn’t created his web in the centre of the triangle, he has created it on the outside and used the hedge. Oh well he seems happy there. He is too tiny to get a picture of it and I gave up as I was standing in an ants nest.

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Spider Catcher



    • kelly says:

      Awww thanks for using my post! I think it’s fantastic. I need to do another one it seems as I think that my fiancé chopped the one we had in half with the hedge trimmers!

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