Flexibath review

I was kindly sent a Flexibath to review.

When this arrived, I was very excited as I have a problem when travelling to see my parents. They do not have a bath. When Miss A was younger she used to fit in the kitchen sink but she doesn’t really fit in there any more. I did have my doubts about the Flexibath. Being a bath that folds up, how on earth does it manage to have water plus toddler in it? Surely it will split? Well I do not have any doubts any more as the bath is perfect!

Miss A loved having a bath in it, she didn’t want to get out and even cried!

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Miss A in her Flexibath

The Flexibath can be used for babies and toddlers from 0 to 4. It weighs just over a kilogram, which is fantastic for travelling. Has a fantastic plug which is easy to pull off and put back on. Quite simply, the Flexibath is fantastic. You can even use it as a toy box, for water play, laundry basket etc.

This bath will be fantastic for my next child as then Miss A can help out with the bathing (if and when I get pregnant…it has been eight months now!)

Visit the Whitestep website to find out more about this baby bath.

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