Eight months and counting.

Well in a week or two I will find out whether I have been successful in getting pregnant. It has been eight months now that we first decided to try for another baby. I really don’t hold much hope for this month being the month that I am successful.

However next month I will have a new tool to help me try to conceive. I have been sent a Clearblue Fertility Monitor. It looks quite good and useful. I do hope it works. Actually to be honest with you I can’t be doing with the disappointment that I have each month. I will still keep on trying and will use the monitor but I will have to stop being disappointed. Instead I just think it is another month nearer to me going back to the doctor to see if there is something wrong. Four months to go! Well three and a half months. Could do without the going to the doctors part. So I hope to conceive before then!

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. I am very fortunate to have her in my life. To have another baby will simply be a bonus! I am already very very lucky!

Feel better today (believe it or not) yesterday I was sooo grumpy! I just thought I would update my blog on where I am with the whole trying to conceive adventure!


  1. geekmummy says:

    I had a ClearBlue Fertiliy Monitor when we were TTC, and I loved it. So easy to use, and it seemed very reliable as well.

    Sadly it couldn’t do anything for my DH’s sperm count, so we ended up needing ferility treatment to help us conceive, but I now have two beautiful children, which really takes away the pain of all those disappointments month after month.

    I hope you don’t need the CBFM, but if you do I’m sure you’ll find it useful.
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    • kelly says:

      Thanks for the comment x

      And you do have two beautiful children! My daughter makes this whole process easier as even though I want another child so much and want to give her a brother or sister, I do have her and she is my world.

      Looking forward to using the monitor. Looks quite clever!
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  2. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    Good luck honey. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. You don’t need to tell yourself that you should be happy with just one – that doesn’t always make it easier. My best friend took a while to get pregnant second time, but she got there. Look forward to reading your happy news. You’ll get there.

  3. Another Goldfish says:

    I definitely found the first year of trying the hardest (even harder then the ruptured ectopic pregnancy we had a year later!) The rollercoaster of emotions was so draining. We found going to the doctor took some of the pressure off and made it easier to manage our expectations.

    I really hope things work out for you soon!
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