Bike ride to Brockholes nature reserve!

Yesterday we cycled part of the Guild Wheel and went to Brockholes nature reserve. What a fantastic bike ride it was. The Guild Wheel cycle route is superb (well to Brockholes it is, I haven’t done the rest of the route yet) and the weather was OK most of the time. We did get a little bit wet but we could cope with that! The route was mostly off-road which is great for us! We had lovely views of the River Ribble. We met a few cows on the way, should of taken a picture of them, but I was too concerned about going past them safely!

Brockholes is an amazing place. What they have done is amazing. We went there when they first opened, in actual fact they were still working on parts. There were not many birds there but yesterday was a different story! There were loads of birds about. I don’t have a good enough camera unfortunately to take a picture of the birds but I took a few pictures of the view! We also forgot our silly I felt when I realised half way there! Going to a nature reserve without binoculars!!

Miss A enjoyed herself, especially with the building blocks in the restaurant. She also came back with a new friend…froggy!

To find out more about Brockholes then please visit their website.

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Brockholes Nature Reserve

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