Askeys Crazy Faces review

I was sent a box of Askeys Crazy Faces to review. These are cone wafers with added fun. A box of 12 ice-cream cones including a pack of edible faces to decorate your ice-cream with. You can make, cats, dogs and scary monsters!

I think these are fantastic and Miss A certainly loved sticking the faces on the ice cream. She wasn’t that keen on eating the rice paper faces though, she put it in her mouth and promptly spat it out again. Maybe she is a little too young for them. I however loved them! In terms of the wafer cone, well this video should prove how much Miss A loved eating it! She even said tasty! Why didn’t I put a bib on her?


And here is a picture too!

Askeys wafer, Askeys Crazy Faces, wafer, eating ice cream, ice cream, cone

Miss A eating ice cream…loving the wafer!



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