You said what?!

Last week Miss A said something that she shouldn’t ever say. That was a naughty word. It is entirely my fault as it is something I say quite a lot, normally on the phone to my mum and when my fiance tells me something that I don’t want to hear. What do they say about taking the Essex girl out of Essex but can’t take the Essex out of the girl (or something like that).

I won’t put the words that she said here but it was three words and the first letters of the words are FFS! She said it twice and it was when my fiance called her to get in her chair to eat her dinner. The first time she said it I was in shock so didn’t correct her. She has said it once more, and I sat her down and said that it is not a good thing to say.

I must admit I do swear at times, not at her and not all the time – normally to my fiancé (as you do – or I do). I think it is about time that I should stop!

She is such a lovely girl and I don’t want her to start swearing, although she is becoming a little madam. But I quite like that!

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