What toys do you remember playing with as a child?

Miss A has lots of toys but she has none that I remember playing with. It has got me wondering if the toys that she has are any good! I know the role play toys are good and I am happy she has them but the rest..I am not so sure.

So I am asking you to comment below and tell me what toys you remember playing with when you were a child. Anyone can comment on this one. I just would like to know.

The toys I remember playing with are a post office with toy money, etch-a-sketch, something called (I think) Light Bright where you stuck pegs in holes and turned the unit on and it formed a rainbow effect picture. My Little Pony, Sylvanian Family, Stickle Bricks, Lego..probably think of more later, it is a bit too early in the morning!

Thanks all.


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