Trying to conceive..a visit to the doctors

I went to the doctors the other day to find out whether there is something medically wrong with me.

After waiting over an hour, I was promptly told I have to be trying for a year before any tests would be carried out. I thought this was the case but when I phoned up and spoke to the receptionist (who then spoke to a doctor), she told me to come in now. The doctor did inform me that not much will be done after the year as they tend to concentrate on people that do not have any children. I do think that this is fair enough but I was slightly disappointed as I really really want Miss A to have a brother or sister.

I am very very lucky to have Miss A and at the end of the day, if I unfortunately can’t get pregnant, I do have her in my life and that means the world to me. She is such a lovely little girl.

So I have another five months of trying to get pregnant and I think even though the doctor said that there may be not much they will do, I will go to the doctors afterwards anyway. I can only try.

pizza express, daughter

My precious little girl at Pizza Express


  1. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    May be telling you something you already know honey. But my friend tried for more than a year – and she DID get pregnant again.
    What she advised me when I decided to try for a baby was this:
    Work out your ovulation date (roughly) and mark on your calendar 10 days before then and 10 days after.
    In that time period, have sex every second day.
    Believe me, your husband will complain and sometimes you won’t feel like it. But try to keep to alternate days.
    It worked for me – and I’ve heard lots of others say it’s the best way.
    Sure you’ll be blogging about expecting again very soon. Try to stay positive xxxx

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