Today is Father’s Day

I must admit, all that I have got for my fiancé from Miss A is a card. I do intend to make his day nice and special.

He has been the best dad to Miss A and he deserves a lot of attention. Miss A adores him and he adores her. We are off on our Sky Ride today and the weather is looking a lot better. The Sky Ride should make him happy, he is a keen cyclist! I may have to call into a few shops once we get to the Flag Market, I do feel bad about not getting him anything but I simply haven’t had the time (naughty mummy!) Either way, he is going to have a good day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially my Dads (yep I have two!) Love them very much! x

I also love my fiancé very much!

daughter and daddy, father and daughter, dad's love

Miss A with her Daddy

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