Sponsored Video: Organix Goodies

Organix Goodies is loved by us. The range has a No Junk Promise guarantee. The products are made with fantastic organic ingredients and they do not have any unnecessary flavourings, colourings, additives or preservatives. No salt or sugar are added either…how brilliant is that?!

Miss A loves every product of the Organix Goodies range that she has tried so far and we have tried quite a lot of them! I think her favourite are the fruit bars. She eats one in seconds! She loves them!

The Organix Goodies range includes lots of healthy snacks including corn snacks, dried fruit, fruit bars, cereal bars and biscuits. They do drinks as well. Their fruit and water drinks are just that with some Vitamin C. Miss A loves these drinks, she drinks them so quickly!

I would recommend Organix Goodies to everyone that has a toddler. They are fantastic! I am sure Miss A would recommend them too!

Organix has a lovely video and I would like to show it to you, I think it is fantastic! I love the dog!

Sponsored post by Organix. All views are my own.

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