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Since I watched the goings on at Cybher (which I really wished I went to, but I am hopefully going next year) I have wanted to do something to help the World Vision Campaign #ShareNiger.

I could not afford to give the full sponsorship money unfortunately but Merry at Patch of Puddles has made it possible for me to donate a small amount of  money each month to help the children of Niger who really do need help.

I am posting this on my blog as I, if you can spare some cash, would like for my readers to visit Merry’s blog post Be part of something amazing for ShareNiger and make a donation. This is a truly amazing cause.

There are also a number of other people that are very much involved in #ShareNiger. One of those people is Sian who blogs at Geek is the new chic. One of the blog posts that touched me was ShareNiger : A tale of two women and if you click the tag #ShareNiger you will be able read more.

So visit Merry’s page and please donate what you can.




  1. World Vision says:

    Thank you for following #shareNiger and donating to help sponsor a child. Your support has been incredible, it’s amazing to see what can be achieved when the blogging community work together!

    As Sian said, ‘Together we can move mountains.’

    Thank you Kelly.

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