My house is a tip – time to sort it out!

As some of you know we are renovating our house. We have been renovating our house for over three years. This makes keeping it tidy and organised a major chore especially when a two year old likes to get everything out of cupboards and spread their toy everywhere. So today I am starting to gradually make changes to improve the way we store things and ways to make the house tidy.

There is so much to do. The main cause for concern is our bedroom. It is being used as a dumping ground. There are boxes of memory items that are not stored nicely at all. There are Miss A’s toys in our bedroom when they should be in the play room. Books are an issue too. I think we finally need to get a bookcase for Miss A and put it in the play room.

It doesn’t help that our kitchen is half done and isn’t big enough for our needs. I think it’s time to remove the L shaped partition. That means we need the hob moved too. And we also need to block up a window and make the back door into a window.

We have so much that needs to be done. Too much. I thought that if we got the living room replastered then things would be better. It is but it has made me realise that there is still much more to do.

However at least the house doesn’t look like this any more. This was how Miss A’s bedroom looked when we took down the wall above the stairs..

home improvement, exposed roof, demolition, wall demolition

Nursery while it was being almost demolished – this picture was taken while I was standing on the stairs!

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