My first cycling event!

This Sunday I will hopefully be out cycling with my fiance and our daughter. I will be taking part in Preston Sky Ride.

This seems rather odd to me because since my accident I haven’t really looked forward to going cycling. But I really can’t wait! On a previous post I did say that I am beginning to like cycling, maybe just maybe my brain has stopped thinking negatively towards cycling and maybe we can now enjoy cycling as a family. OK Sunday’s cycling is off-road and where there are roads, the roads are closed so there is no risks (apart from cycling into other cyclists) so it will be fine but I haven’t looked forward to cycling even off road for a long long time. Oh I really do hope that I have started to like cycling again!

I have seen the Sky Ride in Manchester last year, I think it was the day that I got my new bike (after my bike was stolen). It did look good and my fiancé looked like he really wanted to join them! He loves cycling!

Oh, just realised I need to get a new helmet. I lost my visor somewhere on a bike ride up Beacon Fell! Don’t think I have time now! Oh well!

There are Sky Ride events in various towns and there one near you?


I haven’t been paid to post this.

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