I CAN Babbling Babies and Toddler Talk review

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I CAN Babbling Babies and Toddler Talk activity packs

I received I CAN Babbling Babies and I CAN Toddler Talk to review. These are packs of cards that provide ideas of activities to help your little one talk.

As Miss A is a two year old. I didn’t review the Baby Talk one. I will see what I can do with this one, maybe I will review this when and if I eventually have another child.

The Toddler Talk pack is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months to three years old so they are fantastic for Miss A. I think the Toddler Talk pack is fantastic and really gets the child learning! The cards that I used included Point to. This is where you point to parts of your face and body. Miss A loved doing this as she does know a number of body parts already. You do need some items like shop items, washing up bowl but the items are rather inexpensive or already in the house.

I have had a lot going on since receiving these cards but now things are getting a lot quieter, I think these cards will be used a lot! I will keep you all informed on how much Miss A has developed by using these cards and will take some pictures too!

There are quite a few cards that involve musical instruments but some of the cards try to teach the child rhythm, which is something that Miss A needs to learn! There are a number of cards that not only give you an activity but a way of playing it differently. These packs can certainly keep a child (and yourself) entertained for a long time. Miss A did like the activities we have done so far so I can see that the £12.99 that each pack costs, being a fantastic buy!

Visit the I CAN online Shop for info on how to purchase these wonderful packs.

All proceeds of these packs go towards I CAN’s work with the 1.2 million children in the UK who have long-term speech, language and communication difficulties.

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