Collective Dairy Russian Fudge yoghurt review

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Collective Dairy Russian Fudge yoghurt

I was sent some vouchers to get some Collective Dairy yoghurts, As they were big pots, I got one pot (will get a few of the others and review them seperately!) The Russian Fudge variety was the one I chose as that’s the flavour that my fiancé would like too.

Well what can I say about this product, it was absolutely amazing! It was creamy, tasty and both me and my fiance consumed the lot in two days!

I took a look at the pot…95% fat free! No way! How could something so yummy be 95% fat free?!

The product itself is very good quality. I love the fact that the fudge and the yoghurt are not mixed in. It means that you can decide on how much fudge sauce you have with the amount of yoghurt you want.

Can’t wait to try the other varieties now! I do have to go out of my way to get them as they are not readily available in the local supermarkets or where my fiancé works..but it will be worth the trip.

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