Back again

Well what a few weeks.

I have not had much time on my hands, I have been so busy trying to get the house sorted ready for the living room to be plastered and getting Miss A in her proper room. Those two tasks have been achieved.

All happened two days before having family stay with us. My fiance’s dad and his wife stayed with us this weekend. It was a very good week. The time went so quickly, as it always does. I loved seeing them and the fact that Miss A loved them a lot, means the world to me. Especially when she only sees them twice a year.

Now everything has slowed down. I am thankful for that but I feel deflated. I feel at a loss. I know I can now spend time on my blog and I am thankful for that. I have missed blogging and socialising on Twitter and Facebook. I just need something else to do. I just don’t know what. I also feel really sad that we do not live near any family (yes again!) I get like this when we visit family or family visits us. I feel that Miss A is missing out on so much but then I love Preston and Preston can give her so much, especially in years to come.


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