Time with my family..always hard to leave

Last week me and Miss A spent some time with my family. It was a lovely few days and Miss A really enjoyed herself. She has a lot of love for all her grandparents and I think the feeling is mutal!

While I was there, I saw my dad. It was very nice to see my dad walking again after his health issues, he also looked so much better. I could of cried when I saw him, he looked so unwell when I saw him last (two months ago) and it just made my day to see him a bit better. He hasn’t fully recovered but how he looks now compared to how he looked when I saw him last, well there is no comparison.

Russell and our dog travelled a few days later. The look on Miss A’s face when her Daddy and doggy turned up…was fantastic! It mean’t that my parents saw how she is when Daddy gets home..she goes mad! She was very shocked to see him and Tyson arrive! And she gave him the biggest cuddle.

I always hate leaving my family. It is something I wish I didn’t have to do but it made it easier knowing that we will be seeing them in a couple of months time. I really do wish I could just walk down the road and see them, but that isn’t to be. The time there went so quickly. Too quickly! Can’t wait to see them again soon. I love them all very much.


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