The Gallery: Morning

The Gallery, Morning, First Christmas

The Gallery: Morning. Miss A’s first Christmas

For this week’s The Gallery, the topic is Morning. Well my favourite morning ever, apart from waking up on the first morning after Miss A was born, was her first Christmas. This day means a lot to me. We spent it with my family and it was the best day ever. It mean’t so much to me, letting my parents experience her first Christmas. Living away from family is very hard. They miss out on so much and Miss A misses out too. It really does break my heart, especially leaving them.


  1. Jennypaulin says:

    Oh yes of course the first Christmas morning is amazing! I hadn’t thought of that morning ! I think every Christmas when you have children is special though x

  2. Sprogmama says:

    What an adorable photo. Christmas is such a special time when you have little ones and seeing the excitement as they get older is priceless. The first year, my son loved ripping off the wrapping paper. The second year, he exclaimed “wow! wow!” at everything he opened. I expect he’ll start to anticipate it next time.

  3. Laura Briggs says:

    Ahh, Christmas morning with children is the best! Christmas mornings immediately sprung to my mind when I saw this week’s theme too, just couldn’t find a pic that summed them up!

  4. stressymummy says:

    Aw that is lovely! Yes the first Christmas is amazing, more for you than them as they are too young to appreciate, but I do love Christmas morning with my lot!

  5. Kerry says:

    Bless how cute, Baba was only three months on his first Christmas and I have to say every Christmas morning since then have got better better xx

  6. LauraCYMFT says:

    Great take on the theme! Living far away from family is tough, especially when you have children who can’t see their grandparents every day!

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