Little Charley Bear – Little Charley Bear On Safari DVD Review

I was sent a copy of Little Charley Bear Charley on Safari DVD to review, well for Miss A to review.

This DVD has six episodes and the DVD comes with a Charley Bear toy. Miss A seems to love these little toys and she took it to bed with her the first night!

A brief description of the DVD:

Charley is pretending to be different wild animals but he has no idea what noises they make. To find out, he heads off on an exciting jungle safari with his friends Midge and Nibblit to track down the animals and hear their sounds. Behaving like a crazy monkey, Charley gets chased by a snappy shark, tries not to wake a very grumpy tiger and explores the jungle for Dinosaurs, discovering a Charleysaurus!

It will be released the 7th May and you can buy it in various places including Amazon

For more information on Little Charley Bear, please visit or become friends with Charley on Facebook at

Miss A enjoyed the DVD very much! She seems to love Charley bear and I think she hasn’t seen these episodes before. I think she likes jungle animals so this was the DVD for her! I liked the fact that the DVD had its own plastic case and not in a cardboard sleeve like some children’s DVD’s. The toy is made well. I can’t seem to find a CE mark on it though, unless it is on the box, I am not at home at the moment to check.

So for an RRP of £12.99, I think it is a good buy. The episodes are fun and they are great for children that love the jungle!

I have some pictures of Miss A with the little Charley Bear on my computer at home. I will upload them when I get back.

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