Listography – Top 5 things I love about kids

I thought I would join in with the Listography as it is the top 5 things I love about kids

1. The love they give you

Miss A is getting to be very loving, she gives fantastic cuddles and she certainly has a lot of love for the people who she cares about. She now says love you properly and the first time she said it it almost made me cry!

2. The fact that they are experiencing things for the first time

I love watching Miss A experience things for the first time. I know us adults still can experience things for the first time but when a child does it, the look on their face is fantastic! It makes me very proud and blessed that I can see how much joy Miss A gets in experiencing something new.

3. Learning new words.

Miss A is learning new words every day and even now it amazes me when she does. She copies words that we and other people say too. Sometimes this is a bad thing (she is now saying wowcher..horrible advert!)

4. I love Miss A laughing

I love it when she has a proper giggle about something. It is normally if we are doing something silly but she also laughs at television programmes too. She has laughed at Something Special and Big and Small!

5. Developing their own opinion

Miss A is a good girl. However she doesn’t really listen to me and often laughs at me when I tell her off or say the word no and she often tries to do what she was going to do wrong anyway. I really like that (in most ways), it means that she has a personality. I was never like she was and did what my mum asked me to do. I love her rebellious ways! Miss A is also getting good at telling us what she does and doesn’t want. It was a no day yesterday. She didn’t want to do anything we suggested and that included going to bed!



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