Grow your own – cress!

A few weeks back I found some Sutton children’s seed kits in Home Bargains, a cress seed kit and a herb kit. I am trying to get Miss A into as many things as possible so these were a great find! I can’t remember what I paid for them but they were certainly less than a pound.

On Sunday me and Miss A started with the cress kit. The pack came with a cress tray, paper, crayons, stickers and a picture to colour. I was quite surprised that Miss A didn’t want to colour in the picture, she stuck the stickers on the tray and sprinkled the seeds on the paper that I had already moistened.

No signs of growth yet, it may be a little too cool.

Here are some pictures:

  • Chicken sticker, Suttons, cress seeds
    Chicken sticker on the bottom
  • cress kit, Suttons, seeds
    Lid for cress tray – I coloured in the sun.
  • chick stickers, Suttons, seeds, cress kit
    Chick stickers on the side
  • cress seeds, Suttons, seeds, cress seed kit
    Cress seeds – bit thickly spread but Amelie was enjoying herself!

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