Did I hear right? Are you asking to go to bed?

Well last night Miss A shocked me and Russell. She actually asked to go to bed! She said so many things suggesting that she was ready for bed. It was 8pm, she normally goes to bed around this time, Russ had a late night so we had just finished our dinner (Miss A had eaten before) and she waved her hand and said “Night night”.

At that point I was in shock, I asked her what she wanted to do and she said “Sleep!” she then sat on my lap and said “Take upstairs!” Well me and Russ just looked at each other wondering where our baby has gone! Russ found it really sad that she wanted to go to bed. He said it wasn’t right! I think it is because she was not feeling very well.

So I took her upstairs, got her ready for bed and she spent the next hour in her cot not sleeping but talking to her teddies.

poorly girl, toddler, bed hair

Miss A with bed hair, poorly girl!

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